Corporate Office Design Trends and Ideas for 2021

COVID-19 has transformed office design and trends, definitely for the foreseeable future. Though many people are still working from home, others have returned to the office, even if only for a few days a week, and many spaces look entirely different. Keeping employees safe from health risks is the top priority when it comes to office design.

Expect to see decorative touches associated with the home environment and comfortable furnishings, particularly in breakout spaces. From design aesthetics such as acoustics and greenery to a greater focus on safe, protected workspaces, designers and companies are always looking for ways to maintain a healthy and happy working environment while improving productivity.

What are the top Corporate Office Design and Trends for 2021?


Since many people are still currently working from the home, the idea of the design and aesthetic of the office has changed. To foster a safe, comfortable sense of “home” in the office, incorporate residential elements such as comfortable sofas and chairs, soft lighting features in common spaces displayed throughout the office. It create an ambiance as if they were at home.



An office pod’s – when built correctly with the right insulation – shield the user from ambient noise and distracting imagery outside of the unit, so a worker can more easily focus on his or her work

Over the years, many companies have embraced the open concept office design, and now flexible workspaces and pod-style layouts are more important than ever.

When employees are in the office, they are often seeking private spots or enclaves where they can safely work. They are ideal for meetings or teamwork. The side walls are a kind of divider that allows focused debates and work, enjoying total privacy.


Incorporating additional natural lighting into the workspace is one of the big office trends in 2021.

Natural light also increases the value of the space. Office space with ample natural lighting is more appealing to potential tenants. In fact, such office space is known to lease more than an office space with little or no natural lighting. One study indicated natural light makes a space seem more open and inviting, which induces a prospective tenant to pay more. Not only does space with a natural light deficit lease for less, it tends to remain on the market longer than its sunny counterparts.





More offices are embracing more plants in general. Some spaces don’t have many windows or poor lighting, so incorporating greenery helps to add a bit of nature and bring the outdoors inside. Plus, plants in corporate settings are not only part of the comforting, home-like trend, but they also provide numerous health benefits.

Depending on the type of greenery you choose the perks of adding plant life may also include 1) Increased productivity by 15%. 2) Improved air quality and oxygen flow. 3) Reduced toxins in the air from carpets and other office furniture. 4) Reduced noise.





Wallcoverings are a great way to introduce color and texture in your office. Not only do they create a striking focal point, wall coverings elevate your interior design. Any pattern, texture or color on a wall — a wood design, wallpaper, absorption paneling among other options and more — can add warmth and dimension to any space.

Aside from safety and design benefits, unique wallcoverings also 1) Enhance mood and enthusiasm. 2) Provide a creative environment to work in. 3) Add personality to the space.


Consider consulting also a fit out contractor and interior design firm if you’re getting ready to design (or redesign) an office space.

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